Auction Rules

As Gallery Valart;

Buyers participating in our online auctions (participants) agree to the following terms in advance.

  1. All artworks offered for sale are inspected by experts from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Turkiye and certificates are issued for those deemed necessary under the Law No. 2863 on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets.

  2. To participate in online auctions, registration at is mandatory.

  3. Price increments in online auctions are made by clicking the "PLACE BID" button. The buyer is bound by the bid they place during the online auction. The artwork is awarded to the highest bidder at the pre-determined auction end time set by Gallery Valart. The buyer cannot contest the validity of the auction for any reason. The authority to determine and change the value of increments by clicking the "PLACE BID" button rests with our company. The starting price for an item in an online auction can be up to twenty percent less than the estimated value. Guests who do not register on the site and obtain an "online auction participation password" cannot participate. The "online auction participation password" is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the registered member. The online auction participant agrees that our company will not be responsible for any misuse of their password by others. Bidding continues until the end of the specified time, and the highest bidder wins the item.

      3.1. The highest bid for the auction item will be displayed on the auction screen in real-time on during the online auction. Participants agree that all bids and bidder identities will be encrypted and secured, and they waive any right to contest these records.

3.2. A 20% VAT will be added to the prices of items in online auctions, and the buyer is responsible for this amount.

  1. Invoices will be prepared for all purchased items. Invoices are issued either manually or as e-invoices, based on the member number, name, surname, and address provided.

  2. The payment for purchased items must be made in full by credit card or bank transfer within 7 days from the auction date. Gallery Valart's obligation to deliver the item arises once the full payment, including VAT, is received. The item will be shipped/delivered to the buyer within 7 days for local deliveries and 14 days for out-of-city deliveries. The buyer will be notified when the item is shipped. Gallery Valart is not responsible for delays caused by the shipping company.

  3. Since the auction is conducted according to TBK 274 and following articles and is not considered a distance sales contract as per Article 48 of the Consumer Law, the participant has no right to withdraw. If the highest bidder fails to pay the full amount within 7 days, Gallery Valart reserves the right to cancel the sale, charge a 10% penalty fee, and claim all damages along with commercial interest at a rate of 15% per month from the invoice date. Gallery Valart retains the right to pursue other legal remedies. The item will not be delivered to the buyer until all costs incurred for its preservation are paid.

  4. Gallery Valart is not responsible for delays in notifications or deliveries due to incorrect or outdated contact information provided by the auction participant.

  5. Gallery Valart reserves the right to withdraw any item from the auction, sell items together, separate them, or refuse their sale. Any disputes or claims about the items raised before the auction date may result in the item being withdrawn from the auction and legal procedures being applied.

  6. Gallery Valart has the authority to reject any suspicious individuals as members and to exclude them from the online auction without providing a reason. Individuals under 18 cannot become members.

  7. Bidding in the online auction implies acceptance of all the above terms and any other rights and obligations our institution may have.

  8. In case of typographical errors in the online catalog, our company's explanations will prevail.

  9. Any text and photographs published in the online catalog cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from Gallery Valart.

  10. The catalog values of items listed for sale in the online auction are starting prices, not final values.

  11. Any new laws, legal changes, or changes in tax rates after the publication of the online catalog will be reflected to buyers, and Gallery Valart will not be held responsible.

  12. Items purchased in the online auction are delivered to shipping addresses in Turkey and all countries where PTT cargo services are available.

  13. In accordance with Article 45 of Law No. 5846 and the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 27.09.2006 and numbered 2006/10880, Gallery Valart reserves the right to recourse against the owners of the artworks for any shares payable to artists or rights holders.

  14. Everyone who registers and participates in the online auction is deemed to have read and accepted the above terms.

  15. The courts and enforcement offices in Istanbul have jurisdiction over disputes arising from the Auction Participation Conditions.

  16. The shipping fee for items won in the auction is the buyer's responsibility, and our company is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the item during shipping.

  17. I consent to receive commercial electronic communications and other communications from Gallery Valart in accordance with the relevant laws to the contact addresses (mobile phone, email, etc.) I have provided during membership/transaction processes on I acknowledge that my contact information will be used for membership/transaction updates, marketing, promotional purposes, and other related matters. I can change my communication preferences at any time through the membership page or opt-out from receiving messages as specified in the communications.

  18. Our online auctions will end live on the specified date and time. Once the live auction begins, bids can be placed on items sequentially, and no bids can be placed on subsequent items.